Hey Y’all, I’m Esther!

Yea you read that right. Although I’m a Cali girl at heart, I have been living in the charmingly historic city of Charleston, South Carolina for the past 3 years.

I call Southern California my true home, and UC Berkeley my alma mater (Go Bears!).

My guilty pleasures include reading fantasy fiction novels, listening to Taylor Swift, and taking way too many photos of my dog. I’d describe myself as a sometimes reckless, fairly social introvert. My secret life goal is to write an amazing fiction book series and become the next J.K. Rowling. Until then, I’ll settle for writing about my travels, eats, and experiences.

From Southern California to South Carolina…

After graduating college, I bounced around between NorCal and SoCal before landing a job at a small satellite office in the Bay Area.

Little did I know, I’d soon be relocating to the company’s main office on the east coast. I packed my bags and moved across the country to a place I’d never heard of before: Charleston, South Carolina.

So here I am, working as a marketing content writer for a real estate tech company that lets me bring my dog to work. It’s pretty great. Oh, and if you were wondering, I’m in Hufflepuff (I know) and my Patronus is a Nebulung cat.


About Wonder By Wander

Starting a travel blog has been something of a pipe dream of mine. I mean, I’m just a normal girl working a normal job living a normal life! I’m not one of those amazing travel bloggers who somehow quit their jobs to travel to exotic destinations for months at a time.

But maybe that’s okay. It may not be my full time job, but it’s still a great passion of mine. And perhaps this blog can be a way to show that even “ordinary” people can have extraordinary adventures.

But beyond that, this blog aims to do more than share my experiences with other people. Even with a ton of pictures, I’ll often forget little details of my trips. The name of the restaurant we dined at, or the order of events and activities.

And when I look back on my past 3 years in Charleston, I see that I went through so much change. I learned some tough lessons, stretched beyond my comfort zone, and formed some great memories with great people.

I want to remember every bit of that. With this blog, I want to not only remember every detail of my travels, but also document the daily life experiences that have shaped me into the person I am, and will continue to shaping me into the person I hope to be.

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