Welcome to Wonder by Wander!

I thought I could use this first post to give an introduction to this blog, and a little background as to why I started it. You can find a short explanation in my About Me page, but this is the “origin story” version. Every great superhero has an origin story.

I’ve always loved telling stories. I’ve always liked entertaining people and making them laugh.

Unfortunately, I was also an extremely awkward kid. I know everyone claims they were awkward as a kid, but I really, truly was. Many kids had a fear of public speaking, but my fear went way deeper than that. I didn’t have to be on stage in front of dozens of people to be scared. Even talking directly to *one* person made me get tongue-tied and stutter.

So naturally, I turned to writing. I’ve been blogging pretty much ever since I learned to type. From the days of Xanga and LiveJournal, to Tumblr and WordPress. Writing to document and share stories, experiences, thoughts, and feelings has long been an integral part of my life. It allowed me to express myself in a way that I couldn’t do through speaking.

And yes, I was definitely that weird emo kid who wrote poetry, listened to Dashboard Confessional and Taking Back Sunday, and quoted song lyrics in her AIM status.

I can show you the world. Take you wonder by *wander*Aladdin x Esther

My mother is the one who instilled the love of travel in me. But she was more driven by her love of nature rather than travel itself. I remember as a kid, being dragged to places like Kings Canyon, Sequoia Canyon, Big Bear Mountain, Huntington Library, even to Vancouver to visit Banff National Park.

As a kid and then pre-teen, I didn’t much appreciate the beauty of nature as much as my mom did. I mostly just wanted to be on AIM or watch Digimon at home.

But something must have stuck, however small and faint. Because now I appreciate it too, and want to see as much of beauty and nature in the world as I possibly can.

So here we are now, at the beginning of this new adventure. To be honest, starting this blog makes me a little anxious and scared. Β What if no one wants to read what I share? What if I’m bad at this travel-photography-and-blogging thing?

You never know until you try, right? And since I’ve already paid for this domain, I’m pretty much all-in now, haha. Just kidding. I’m mostly super excited to start this, and see how it grows.

I hope you’ll enjoy walking through life with me…wonder by wander. πŸ™‚